Sept. 16th: Walking tour of Rome

Greetings, blog readers! Today marks the official start of the 2013 Classics Foreign Study Program in Rome. Throughout the term, the students will use this blog to share their adventures and travels in Italy and beyond. While everyone gets settled in, I will be providing some short recaps and photos of the group’s first days in Rome. Have no fear! The students shall make their debut as bloggers in the very near future!

After a rainy arrival in Rome yesterday ( interpreted as a good luck sign from the almighty Jupiter), we were all happy to soak up the sun in this morning’s walking tour of the centro storico (“historic center”). Winding our way through the streets of the Jewish Ghetto, we began our morning jaunt through the Eternal City in an area the Romans referred to as the Campus Martius. Professor Ulrich pointed out some of the important archaeological remains in the area, including the Porticus Octaviae, the Temple of Apollo Sosianus, and the Theater of Marcellus. After snapping photos of the temples in the Forum Boarium, Professor Ulrich led the group to a terrace overlooking the Roman Forum, where the students caught a sneak peek of the site where they will be spending a decent amount of time in the upcoming weeks. Pausing briefly for a group photo in front of Trajan’s Markets, we ended the day with a tour of the Dartmouth College Rome Center near the Campo di Fiori.

During their free time in the afternoon, some ambitious FSPers ventured over to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican while others snacked on gelato at Giolitti. Under head chef Lucas, the group prepared a feast of chicken, salad, and pasta in celebration of a successful first day. Still not satisfied with their explorations for the day, some set out on an adventure to see the Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps after dinner.

It was a long day of walking and sightseeing, but everyone is adjusting to life in Rome quite nicely! I look forward to working with the students throughout the term and hope you enjoy reading about their upcoming adventures abroad!


Katelyn Burgess, Director’s Assistant


The group examines the remains of the Porticus Octaviae, our first oficial stop of the day.

The Theater of Marcellus in all it’s glory (not too shabby for a building over 2000 years old).

Teddy seems to have mixed feelings about the incorporation of Roman spolia in this building.

Cara, Jiyoung, Aaron, and Lucas can’t contain their joy upon seeing the Roman Forum.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the varying architectural styles in the city landscape definitely reflect that!

Group photo in front of Trajan’s Markets.

The Campo di Fiori: one of the best places in Rome to purchase fresh fruit and tacky tourist t-shirts.

Gelato break!

The chef at work.

Cara, Bridget-Kate, Elizabeth, Teddy, and Thomas can’t resist a photo op in front of the Trevi Fountain.


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