Oct. 4th: Palestrina

Hello faithful and friendly blog readers,

Today we woke up early for an adventure at Palestrina. First we had an odyssey in public transportation. We arrived at Palestrina and started our lecture at the bottom of the sanctuary where we learned about Palestrina and its sanctuary that was set up to the goddess Fortuna.

Then we had a very long hike up to the top of the sanctuary and caught our breath, after which we were able to appreciate the view. The sanctuary was situated facing two mountain peaks and the valley. It was beautiful. The sky was threatening rain but it held off for the day. The sanctuary was set up to see this beautiful view and to be imposing to the visitors. We felt for the ancient pilgrims having walked up that hill. The sanctuary was built so that you would get to the top and turn around and look at the view. The architects designed this sanctuary with the natural landscape in mind.

We then had a chance to sit at the top of the steps and eat lunch, or, in Teddy’s case, nap.

We went into the museum and were able to see the original bases to the columns, some interesting altars, a few sarcophagi, and other remnants of the original temple incorporated into the museum.

There was also a beautiful mosaic that depicted Egypt and the nile. It also showed Greeks in their city states as well as Roman colonies. There were a lot of animals depicted and labeled on the mosaics. The depictions of the animals were interesting because the artist had probably never seen these animals. The representations are imaginative.

After that some of the class went to the acropolis, the highest point of the town. Some people did not feel the need to hike for forty five minutes and took bus, train, tram to get back home.



P.S. Julius Caesar's ghost asked me to say hello to Emma Vance


Photos (brought to you by Brett):

Pretty flowers! And Aaron. On the bench.

Forum or parking lot? One can never be sure…


Basilica time!


Like a boss.


Why so serious?


The mosaic of the fish: “This sanctuary is FOR-TUNA!”


View from the theater area of the sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia.


Tedward takes a quick power nap on the stairs of the theater complex. Not everyone can handle the climb up the terraces of Palestrina.


Trying to decipher which parts of the Nilotic mosaic were reconstructed is not an easy task.


Descending through the sanctuary.


View from the top of the acropolis. AKA our resting stop after the hike.


The brave hikers at the top of the acropolis.


We made record time on our way back down the hillside (mainly because we didn't want to miss the bus).



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