Oct. 8th: Montemartini Museum, Forum of Julius Caesar

Hey fans (aka. Blog followers),


This morning we got to the Montemartini Museum after the bus+metro+walking adventure. Our superstar, Professor Ulrich, did not show up with the group, yet asked his awesome assistant, Ms. Burgess, to give us a surprise- an assignment about portraiture. We all quickly switched to our work mode and started to wander around the museum to find our target, a portrait on which we will each give a 5-minute presentation on Thursday morning. We were hunting all over the museum to claim our chosen portraits respectively. Ms. Burgess was counting our harvests by writing down the inventory number of our portraits.


Later the superstar showed up in the snack area where we were taking a break after the portrait hunt. Professor Ulrich further explained the assignment. We will have a 5-minute presentation on Thursday morning and a 3-page paper due on Friday afternoon. To cheer everyone up, he gave us a lecture on portraiture in the Roman period. He talked about how physical and spiritual features changed over time. He then took us around the museum to point out some representative examples.


Aware of our complaint about “long mornings”, Professor Ulrich decided to give a lunch break to make our lives better (or at least, to make it look better). The afternoon session started at 3 pm in the Forum of Julius Caesar, Professor Ulrich’s locked-in place for his PhD thesis. We could tell from his voice that he was extremely excited to be in this forum again. He excitedly talked about the forum in general and showed us around. The graffiti by ancient Roman students are very cool. The unprecedented speaker’s platform in front of the Temple of Venus Genetrix showed Julius Caesar’s wild ambition. The guard was on his phone for the entire hour we were in the forum. We could have stayed longer to listen to Professor Ulrich’s endless lectures and interesting personal stories about the Forum of Caesar.


Now everyone is looking forward to visiting the Ara Pacis tomorrow.





Photos (alla Eman):

Getting up close and personal with Augustus. He was the son of a god, you know.


Republican portraits. So many disgruntled faces.
Contemplating the pedimental sculpture from the Temple of Apollo Sosianus.
I think Jiyoung found her Italian look-alike.

Yuhang feels right at home among the Roman portrait heads.


So excited to get into the Forum of Julius Caesar.

Note-taking in the Forum Julium.

Remember that time we got into the Forum of Julius Caesar? So cool.
Where there is a Forum, there is rain.

Ancient graffiti from Roman school children. If only we all wrote quotes from the Aeneid in our doodles.


Columns on columns on columns.




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