Oct. 28th: Nysa

Dear darling blog readers,


Today we all woke up feeling finally better. A special thanks to Teddy Henderson for making all of our mothers worried.


We had a lovely bus ride to the last sight we would see in Turkey. We got to go to Nysa.


Nysa had a lovely theater where we got to look at different mythological sculptures on which the faces had been destroyed. We left the theater and went through a tunnel that reminded the author and TA of the chamber of secrets from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


The other wonderful sites included a covered theater. A reenactment of the theatrical genius that was Spongebobsquare pants was performed. Platus would totally approve. We also explored a beautiful library complex that had been converted into a church.


Then we got onto the bus and drove back to Izmir. Our fearless leader Iskander gave us a detailed account of how Turkey became an independent country. After his talk the students remembered that they had to write a term paper. Vague panic spread across the bus. Then we remembered we had another paper to write before the term paper so we could relax.


We got to Izmir and some students explored the water front, others caught up on journals, other caught up on sleep.


We had a lovely dinner where we got to appreciate live music. We all went to bed early to make the six am bus to the airport.


Warm Fuzzy Feelings,



Photos courtesy of Brett:

There was once a stadium built into the slopes of this ravine. Ingenuity at work…
So many theaters in Turkey.
Learning about some Dionysian imagery on sarcophagi. Cool beans.
Look at the little baby Dionysus. Students' reaction: “Wait, is he being cooked?”

Farewell, Herbert.


Psssh. We walk through dark tunnels infested with snakes on a regular basis.

(Well, actually, we don't. And maybe there was only one snake. But those are minor details.)

Loungin' in the odeon.

A lone semi-engaged column.

Cara tests out the local olives. A risky move, but she seems content…

The saga of students using ancient things as headrests continues.


This ain't no Library of Celsus, but it will do.

The students seek out some shade while the Prof captures some new pics for his ever growing photo collection.



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