Nov. 3rd: Free Day for presentation research

With the final round of presentations having commenced, the students were given the day off to continue research for their upcoming reports. On the good ol' Via Ippolito Nievo, Sunday is flea market day; as a result, many FSPers (including the Prof and TA), decided to begin their day by exploring the various stalls of the Porta Portese Market. Some came back empty handed. Others came back with their wallets significantly lighter. Kathleen and Bridget-Kate decidedly “won the markets.” €3 sunglasses? Three sweaters for €5? So many deals!

Happy with the morning purchases, most of the group took some time in the afternoon to visit their sites and do some research in the Rome Center. After having a standard meal of pasta with spaghetti sauce (we really are trying to get more creative here, so the occasional vegetable is added), all settled into our cozy beds to become well-rested for our expedition to the Vatican Museums tomorrow.





Colosseum on an overcast Sunday afternoon. The crowds are definitely more manageable than a month ago…

It's too bad the Arch of Constantine is under construction. The scaffolding doesn't really convey a particularly nice aesthetic. But, at least the reliefs are being taken care of.

Sunset on the Forum— a nice way to end an afternoon's worth of research.




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