Nov. 14th: Ravenna

NOTE: this is where a blog post by Mr. Edward Henderson would be, had he finished it before the end of the program. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the TA, he failed to do so. What shame.


Photos courtesy of Jiyoung:

First stop of the day: Sant'Apollinare in Classe.

Aaron wanted to go on a Safari…

…so we found some buffalo/bison/yak sculptures. Close enough.

“Isn't this just grand ol' fun?”
Prof. Ulrich points out some details in the apse of Sant'Apollinare in Classe.
So many semicircular forms…
Sarcophagus with Christ, enthroned, and the 12 Apostles.

This boy be cray.

Happy 20th Birthday, Lucas!

Birthday cupcake!

Second stop of the day: San Vitale.

Teddy unsuccesfully tries to hides a smirk. Prof. Ulrich does the Ulrich face. The rest of the group cannot contain their glee (except for Jin, who looks in disbelief).

30 seconds later…

RBU: “C'MON! What does this plan remind you of?”

Laughter stops. Confusion sets in.

Apse of San Vitale.
The presbytery.
Emerging from the depths of San Vitale.
Yuhang looks like he needs a coffee break about now…
Cara is not amused.
And, for your enjoyment:



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