Nov. 15th: Ravenna, Florence

The students began their day bright and early, with most of the group commandeering the breakfast room in order to do some last-minute craming before their written exam. Originally, we planned to leave for Florence this morning on one of the many regional trains. What stopped us? A train strike. Luckily, we found this out the other day, so we were able to make some adjustments to the schedule.

Now, Prof. Ulrich decided to make the best of the unexpected free morning by administering a written exam on the architecture and mosaics of the churches in Ravenna. Yesterday afternoon, we found this nice library to administer the exam. Chairs? Check. Desks? Check. Required silence? Perfect conditions for an exam. However, yet again our plans were thwarted when we arrived at the library and discovered that it too was closed for the train strike. Only in Italy.

Returning to the hotel, the students took over the lobby/breakfast room and finally began their exams. After 2 hours of furious writing and listening to the same song from Swan Lake on repeat, all handed in their exams and grabbed some lunch before beginning the train journey to Florence via Bologna.

Three hours and two train rides later, we arrived in Florence. The evening was free for exploration and most people wandered around the city to see the amazing buildings and taste the legendary Florentine cuisine. Bistecca Fiorentina, anyone?







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